Making Of Men Camp

Making of Men Camp
Designed For

Boys 14-17yrs and their fathers or a male mentor.


Yarrakoora, Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW, Australia

Camp Benefits

The Making Men Camp is a contemporary Rites of Passage program based on years of research and experience developed by a team including Dr Arne Rubinstein, author of The Making of Men.

The camp is focused on bringing out the best in your boy and addresses the physical, emotional and psychological changes happening in your boy’s life in a safe and structured way.

This is a life changing experience and one of the best things you could do for your boy at this critical time in his development. Over the 4-day camp your boy will participate in activities and learns skills that will…

  • Build stronger father son relationships
  • Develop more confident communication and social skills
  • Gain higher levels of respect for mothers and women to support future healthy relationships
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Gain skills, tools and experience to become a motivated, responsible and resilient young man

One of the most beneficial aspects of our camps is taking the time to get your son to think about his future and what he wants to do with his life. It gives him an opportunity to think about what childhood behaviours he is ready to let go of as he moves into manhood.

Upcoming Camp Dates

Date: 6 – 10 December 2017
Venue: YarraKoora, Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW
Total Cost: $2100

$2100 is the total cost for both to attend. Please understand that as the camps fill to capacity we are unable to accept your registration and secure your place without payment of the camp fees.

We have a variety of payment plans and partial scholarships that can support you to attend.



Program Details

The Making Men program involves a 4 night bush camp for boys aged 14-17 and their father/mentor and a session for Mothers and Carers.

4-Day Camp
(Father and boy) On the camp itself the men and boys spend time together in a fun and safe environment, learning, sharing stories and overcoming challenges. All the men are involved in supporting the boys to transition into manhood.

Mothers/ Carers Program
Mother’s receive support and information on the program while their son is on camp when they meet as a group on Departure and Return days. The program can be emailed to mothers who are unable to attend.

Camp Return Celebrations
(Father, young man, mother & extended family) The Return Day involves the mothers, extended family, and friends welcoming home the now young men and men from the camp.

What Is A Rite Of Passage?

A Rite of Passage is a process that recognizes things are changing in a person’s life. Examples of these in our society include weddings, graduations and birthdays. The Making Men coming of age Rite of Passage involves a group of people working together and all focused on a common goal. It educates, challenges, and builds strength in our boys as they prepare for a new phase in their life.

On the camp, held at a purpose built bush camp, there are no phones or electronic devices. The time spent together is of the highest quality. We use the traditional story, challenge, and honour framework to help the boys prepare for life as a healthy young man.

The boys engage in meaningful conversations and get to hear real life stories from the men about significant moments in their lives.

The camp offers plenty of healthy challenges for the boys, this equips them with a strong sense of achievement as well as stimulating a shift in their journey to manhood.

The boys are all acknowledged for their gifts and qualities on the camp. This acknowledgement and support leaves a lasting imprint.



What is a coming of age Rite of Passage?

A coming of age Rite of Passage is a process that recognises things is changing in your boy’s life. We already have many Rites of Passage as a normal part of our lives including birthdays, weddings and graduations. This is a chance to support and celebrate as he moves from being a boy to a young man.

What is involved in the Making Men program?

The program involves a 4 day bush camp for boys and their fathers or a male mentor. Mothers are a vital part of this process and are invited to attend the leaving day and the return/celebration.

Who are the camps for?

All boys aged 14 to 17 and their father or significant male mentor.

Why does it cost this amount?

Each camp has a limited number of participants and a group of experienced leaders who are required to fully support the boys, the fathers, the mothers and to ensure that the camps run safely. When you consider all the processes and the fact that this program involves the whole family we believe it represents great value for money.

Please talk to us if you really want to come on the camp but can’t afford it. We have a variety of payment plans and partial scholarships that can support you to attend.

Where & when are the camps held?

Making Men camps are held throughout the year in a purpose built bush location near Mullumbimby in Northern NSW.

What happens on a camp?

The program is a fun, safe, and always interesting bush camp that is designed to acknowledge and honour the change from boy to young man. The boys have the opportunity to hear the stories of older men and ask questions in a sharing environment. They are exposed to a series of safe yet demanding challenges to push them physically, mentally, emotionally and on a personal development level. Processes such as sharing of personal experiences, story telling, adventure and relationship-building activities are also part of the program and are all done with great respect and in a confidential environment. It is a guided journey towards a deeper understanding of what it means to live a balanced adult male life in today’s world.

What if we are coming from interstate?

Lots of people come to our camps from interstate and even overseas.
Often mums fly up for the return celebration at the end and it is really special if you can arrange that. Some mums come from the beginning of the camp and spend the weekend in Byron Bay which is also another great option.

What commitment is involved in attending the Making Men camp?

The Making Men camp involves a number of key components, including:

4 day Bush Camp – for fathers/mentors and boys.

Return Day – last day of the camp. Mothers, family and friends welcome back the young men and fathers.

Can I arrive late on the Leaving Day, or leave early on the Return Day?

This is not recommended. All experiences build upon each other. Missing part of the program will reduce the value of the camp for you, and impact on the other participants.

Is this a religious program?

No. This program is not based on any religion, and does not promote any one belief over another. Our programs blend a number of experiences drawn from many cultures and practices, and we invite you to honour your own beliefs.

At all times you have a choice to participate in an activity or not. We are a values based organisation founded on the understanding that everybody is entitled to have their own believes that need to be respected.

Will my son be safe?

YES. As a professional organisation the wellbeing of your boy is paramount. We have strict Occupational Health and Safety guidelines, Child Protection policies and procedures, qualified First Aid Officers and evacuation procedures in place on all camps.

What are the facilities like on camp?

We have kitchen facilities, camping areas, recreational spaces, composting toilets, undercover areas, all located in a beautiful natural bush setting.

What happens if it rains?

Dry areas are utilised with the care of all participants as a priority. All participants should bring effective wet weather gear with them (as directed on each camp’s ‘what to bring’ list). We do not cancel camps because of wet weather.

Do I have to sleep on site? I live only a few minutes away….

Yes. One of the core elements of the camps is that it is a group residential experience.

My son’s father can’t or won’t come – who can come on the camp with him?

The best person to take your boy on a camp is his father, but we are aware that this is not always an available option. A grandfather, uncle or other close male family member is ideal, or a male family friend actively involved in your boy’s life. If this is not available, we will try to arrange a meeting with a suitable male mentor who may accompany your boy on a camp. We are happy to talk personally with you if required.

How do I know if my boy is ready?

You will know. He will be changing and not necessarily physically. He may be getting a bit surly, grumpy, moody or locking the door to his bedroom. You will feel something is changing for him. If you are not sure please contact us.

I can’t afford this camp but desperately want my boy to come. What options are available?

Please talk to us if you really want to come on the camp but can’t afford it. We have a variety of payment plans and partial scholarships that can support you to attend.

I have two sons – can they both come on the same camp?

No it is very important that the father/mentor is able to give full attention to his boy. Past participants often return a second time with their other boy.

We have a blended family – what would you recommend?

Our bottom line is always what’s best for the boy. All significant parents, stepparents and/or carers should be aware of, and if possible involved in the program. It is common for both mothers and stepmothers to participate in the program to support their boy at this important time. If you have a sensitive family situation, please feel free to contact us to discuss this further.

What are some of the outcomes of attending the Making Men camp?

Our facilitators and executive team have been involved in running Rite of Passage programs for over twenty years. Our programs have been independently researched and evaluated. Our evidence based outcomes for boys who have attended these programs include:

  • Stronger father son relationships
  • More confident communication and social skills
  • Higher levels of respect for mothers and women
  • Improved attitude towards finishing school
  • Improved motivation to participate and give back to the community
  • Increase in self esteem
Will it matter if my son doesn’t know any other boys on the camp?

No. Our camp processes quickly build a sense of community and friendship, which break down all barriers.

Who comes to these camps?

We encourage all families to acknowledge that their boy is becoming a man by bringing him on a camp. Whether your boy is a high achiever, or is experiencing some difficulties, he will equally benefit from attending. Our camp is certainly not aimed at boys who are having trouble, but we do not discourage them from attending. Our camps are for all boys.

Camp Leadership Roles

Would you like to join our camps in a leadership or support role?

Returning Young Men

Returning Young Men

Designed for young men who have previously attended camps and want to return again as part of the leadership team.
Senior Participant

Senior Participant

Designed for men who have NOT completed the Global Rites of Passage Leadership Training program, but work or have an interest in this field
Trainee Facilitator

Trainee Facilitator

Designed for men that have completed the Global Rites of Passage Leadership Training program and wish to assist on future camps to learn more about the work and processes.