Senior Participant

Senior Participants


Designed For

Men who have NOT completed the Global Rites of Passage Leadership Training program, but work or have an interest in this field


Program Benefits

This role involves observing the senior facilitators and processes up close in order to support your own understanding of the work. You will also be asked to help and be involved in multiple areas of the camp including logistics and the various activities we run.
A dedicated senior facilitator will usually be assigned to the group of trainee facilitators and senior participants to inform you of our processes and why we follow them. He will also support you to understand as much as possible about the program and the methodology behind what we do.

Upcoming Dates

Please browse The Making of Men Camp page for dates and contact us if you would like to attend.

Please note there is a cost involved and this program only applies to young men who have previously attended a camp.


Is there a cost and why?

Yes the cost is $450, which covers your food and contributes to the cost of paying a senior facilitator to train your group. Another reason for the charge is that you will learn valuable skills and processes we have developed over many years that you will be able to take out to the world.

You are free to use what you learn on the camp in your own personal work and we will not charge in any way for that.

Can I leave during the camp to do other things?

No, if you commit to the camp it is important that you stay the whole time.

Is this is time for my own personal development?

No, this camp is for the boys and men who attend. As a trainee you need to understand that you are here to observe and learn the process and skills of being a facilitator, not to do your own personal development work.

Note: It is important that you know that if you are disrupting the process for the boys we will reserve the right to insist that you leave the camp.

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