Returning Young Men

Returning Young Men


Designed For

Young Men who have previously attended camps and want to return again as part of the leadership team.


Program Benefits

The Returning Young Men Program is a great and rewarding experience for the all that wish to get involved. Not only because they get to see the how the camps are run from the other side, but also because it is a chance for them to take some time out and look at how far they have come in their own lives since attending as a boy.
During their time in the leadership group we encourage them to think about what is currently working for them in their lives and what things they could change. We ask them to identify any boyish behaviours that they know are not healthy, and not working for them anymore.
The returning young men get an enormous amount out of attending and quite a few come back many times.

Upcoming Camp Dates

Please browse The Making of Men Camp page for dates and contact us if you would like to attend.

Please note there is a cost involved and this program only applies to young men who have previously attended a camp.

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