Leadership Training Programs

Our Leadership Training Programs

The Making of Men currently offers two leadership trainings aimed at equipping participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to begin to build and deliver transformational Rites of Passage elements and programs. Our level one training is dedicated to introducing the Rite of Passage framework and our level two training focuses on starting to develop key skills and tools around facilitating a ROP experience.

Designed for:

Teachers, outdoor adventure educators, corporate leaders, mentors, coaches, social workers, parents or anyone who wants to be able to develop and deliver a truly transformational program for people of any age. The skills learned in these training programs can be applied not only with youth, but also in work, family and team environments.

This training is facilitated by Dr Arne Rubinstein and his team. Dr Arne is internationally recognised as an expert in Rites of Passage and has over 30 years experience designing and running programs.


  • Yarrakoora, Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW, Australia
  • Various locations around Australia and internationally

Level 1 Leadership Training
The Rite of Passage Framework

Level 1 Leadership Training is an experiential intensive aimed at training participants in the key elements of a Rites of Passage program. The training will give participants the experience and understanding of how to build Rites of Passage elements into their work helping them become a better mentor, coach, leader or parent to anyone going through transitional stages in their lives.  


This interactive and cutting edge 3 day residential will give you…

  • A deeper understanding of the elements of a Rite of Passage and how to utilise them
  • Skills to support teenagers during their transitional years
  • Powerful techniques that can create positive behavioural changes in homes, workplaces and social settings
  • Essential entry level group facilitation skills
  • Understanding how to beneficially apply Rite Of Passage methods in your environment
  • A clear easy to follow ongoing support pathway

Level 2 Leadership Training
Focus on Facilitation

This training will focus on scenario training where participants will have the opportunity to practice and begin to develop the skills necessary to enrol participants, run circles and hold space. The training builds on the key elements covered in our Level 1 Leadership Training and is aimed at equipping participants with practical skills and tools around how to actually facilitate a transformative Rite of Passage experience for a group of people.


This interactive and cutting edge 3 day residential will give you…

  • Real time scenario training experience in running circle discussions
  • Greater understanding around working with complex group dynamics
  • A takeaway ‘facilitation toolbelt’ of creative activities and icebreakers
  • Increased understanding of how to manage/take people into and out of Liminal Space
  • Practical skills around enrolling and connecting with people
  • A deeper understanding of transformational facilitation practices

Please note that this training is only open to participants who have participated in the Level 1 Leadership Training.

Upcoming Training Dates

Level 1 Leadership Training: The Rite of Passage Framework

Date: 2-4 March 2018
Time: 10am Fri – 4pm Sun
Venue: YarraKoora, Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW
Cost: $1350 (includes accommodation, camping and meals)

We have upfront and payment plan options available.

Level 2 Leadership Training: Focus on facilitation 

Date: 1 – 3 Dec 2017
Time: 10am Fri – 4pm Sun
Venue: YarraKoora, Byron Bay Hinterland, NSW
Cost: $1250 (includes accommodation, camping and meals)

We have upfront and payment plan options available.


Program Details

The two tier Leadership Training consists of 3 day/2 night residential camps. They are both introductory level courses aimed at providing educational and experiential training around a Rite of Passage (ROP). As mentioned above, Level 1 Leadership Training (LT1) will allow the participants to clearly understand the elements of a ROP, experience the elements of a ROP and be aware of how to use ROP beneficially in any environment. Level 2 Leadership Training (LT2) will build on LT1 and is dedicated to equipping participants with the tools to actually facilitate a ROP.

The programs are delivered using a combination of education based information and experiential learning.  The educational component provides clear information utilizing Adult Learning Principles in a classroom type environment. Handouts and a work folder with relevant information will also be provided.

The experiential component will involve participation in the actual elements of a Rite of Passage so that participants gain an understanding through action learning. At all times participants have a choice to participate in an activity or not.

Please note that this is a great opportunity to get some deeper understanding into your personal life but this program is not set up for people to do deep personal work. Our focus is on leadership training and the experiential component is designed to facilitate that.

Further Training/Opportunities

As an attendee of our two tier Leadership Training program, the Making of Men team will be available to support you to design and deliver your own programs.

You can also apply to further your education through our Facilitation Training Experience, on one of the following programs at YarraKoora:

  • Making of Men: 4 night camp for boys aged 13-15 and their fathers
  • Young Warriors: 1 night camp for boys aged 7-11 and their fathers
  • Father & Daughter: 1 night camp for girls aged 7-11 and their fathers



Who are the trainings for?

The trainings are designed for anyone who works with/or wants to work with children and teenagers including teachers, educators, counselors, sporting coaches, community service workers, social workers, facilitators and community group leaders.

Where are the trainings held?

The training is held at spectacular YarraKoora, Dr Arne’s purpose built leadership training facility and camping ground. YarraKoora is located 10mins from Mullumbimby in Northern NSW.

What are the accommodation facilities?

The accommodation is camping. Attendees will be provided with their own good quality tent, sleeping bag, stretcher bed and pillow. Clean toilets and shower facilities are provided.

What meals are provided?

Healthy and tasty vegetarian food is provided for the duration of the course. Special dietary requirements will be accommodated.

Can I do Level 2 Leadership Training before Level 1 Leadership Training?

No unfortunately you cannot. Level 1 Leadership Training is a prerequisite for Level 2 Leadership Training.

Do I have to sleep on site?

It is highly recommended due to the long days (approx 8am – 9pm) but not mandatory. Please talk to us about alternative accommodation options.

What if we are coming from interstate?

If you are travelling from interstate we recommend flying into the Gold Coast and getting a transfer to Mullumbimby where we can collect you. Alternatively hiring a car is a great option. It takes approx 1 hour to get from the airport to YarraKoora. Please check your travel arrangements with us before booking.

Is this a religious or ‘alternative’ program?

No, this program is not based on any religion and does not promote any one belief over another. The core aim of this work is to bring out the best in our young men and women. We welcome input from multiple cultures and our programs blend knowledge drawn from many cultures and practices. We invite you to honour your own beliefs.
Our only rule is that nobody forces their own personal beliefs on another person.
We are proud that our participants come from a diversity of backgrounds. We are a values based organisation founded on the understanding that everybody is entitled to have their own beliefs that need to be respected.

Payment Terms and Conditions

Leadership Training requires full payment of AUD $1250 to secure your place unless an alternate payment schedule has been organised.

– All cancellations must made by email to
– Cancellations made more than 14 days before the start of the Leadership Training will be refunded fees, less a $60 administration fee.
– Cancellations made 14 days or less before the start of the leadership training will not be refunded fees.
– No refunds are given for no shows.
– The cancellation policy applies once you have registered.
– In the event of unforeseen circumstances or low participant numbers we reserve the right to change or cancel workshops.

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